Out Of The Box Interior Designs For Your Home

Nowadays, people take lot of interest in interior designing of their home. They want to incorporate the latest trends and unique ideas to make their abode stand out from others.

Some out of the box ideas that will make everyone jealous of your home:

• Storage under the stairs: You can make drawers or cabinets under the stairs for keeping books, clothes, shoes etc. You can also have a book rack under the stairs or make shelves for keeping stuff like pictures of your family, some wall art etc.

• Herbal garden: If there's' a green a patch in your backyard, convert it into a herbal garden.

Fresh herbs have multiple uses. It has amazing health benefits and can also be used for cooking.

• Fire pits: Fire pits are small pits where you can light a fire. Make a small fire pit in your backyard to enjoy food and drinks with your friends. Fire pits can be made even inside the house enveloped by glass on all sides. It looks good and will keep you cosy in winters.

• Walk in pool: Create an image of a brook in a forest by planting lots of trees and placing lush green plants with a walk-in pool. You can use sand and shells along the walk-in pool to create a seaside atmosphere.

• Hammock over the stairs: Place a hammock over the stairs; a unique place for some leisure reading and looks wonderful too.

• Tree house: A secluded tree house can be made in the garden. A perfect hideout for the kids to have fun.

• Use backyard space: Put some lights outside (like pendant lights) to create an ambiance after sunset. Place comfortable couches and chairs in your backyard to relax after a hard a day at work.

• Merge outdoors and indoors: Keep some green plants inside your home like in the living area or washroom. Have some glass windows facing your garden. To create an impact, you can make synthetic lawn indoors. Place some cushions on a stone bench or couch in the garden to utilize your outdoor space for good.

• Multipurpose furniture: Buy furniture for your home which not only looks good but offers storage as well. For instance, a trunk that can be used for keeping magazines, books and also serves as a coffee table. You can buy loft bed or sofa cum bed for the kid's room. It has lot of cabinets and drawers that offer excellent storage space.

• Theme based bed rooms: Get creative and use themes in your room. For instance, you can have cartoons posters or cartoons painted on the walls of the kid's room. The closet or cupboard can also be painted with cartoon characters to give a nice feel to the room. Place a football or teddy bear to complete the look of your kid's room. For automobile enthusiasts, you can have an automobile themed room. Use a full length poster of car on the wall with tires all over the place. Same color furniture to go with the color of the car. This will give the room a personalized as well as a stylish look.

If you have the sources, you can seek the services of a professional interior designer who is adept in this field. Otherwise, follow these tips and see the difference in the interior designing of your home.
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